The Story: Ride And Shine Model Horse Tack Shop


Andi Banwell began making model horse tack when she was a teenager. Her motivation was simple, she wanted to attire her own model horses in attractive, quality, durable tack, and to not spend her entire allowance for a year doing so.

That is when Ride And Shine Tack Shop was conceived, and very quickly it would blossom into what it is today:  Beautiful handcrafted model horse tack, created with exceptional quality, and always sold at affordable prices.

Shortly after developing her handcrafted model horse blankets, Andi decided to take a risk and see if they might be something that other model horse owners might be interested in. Andi rented a booth at a small, local horse fair and began selling her tack. The response to her tack was astounding!

Andi then decided to take an even bigger risk. She rented a booth at the annual Breyerfest model horse festival in Lexington, Kentucky. She prepared diligently for months, sewing and assembling a beautiful collection of tack. And then with the help of her parents, Andi packed up three thousand dollars worth of merchandise, hoping to find some eager customers.

She sold out on the first day!

Since then, Andi’s top-of-the-line model horse tack collection has grown every year. For the past nine years Andi has been hand making these quality model horse blankets in a wide array of styles and colors, as well as dazzling halters, lead ropes, leg wraps, fly gear, and matching tack outfits. All of Ride And Shine’s products are made by hand, and Andi has permanent calluses on her hands to testify to that fact!

Andi’s goal has always been to create beautiful tack that collectors will be proud to adorn their model horses in, that is also both durable and affordable enough for children to dress and play with their model horses in.

What set out as a simple solution to clothe her own model horses has turned into a revolution in the model horse world. Ride and Shine tack is clothing horses across the globe in exquisite, quality, affordable hand-crafted tack.