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Exceptional Quality Model Horse Tack


From the very beginning, Ride And Shine Model Horse Tack was designed to shine with the very highest quality possible.

When founder Andi Banwell began handcrafting stunning model horse tack, she had a very clear picture in her mind of the products she wanted to design:  model horse tack that would stand above the rest in beauty and durability. She wanted to design a product strong enough for children to play with, and beautiful enough for collectors to showcase their models in, so that’s just what she did!

Every piece of Ride And Shine Model Horse Tack is handcrafted, down to the tiniest of details. Andi has spent years researching, testing, and improving on her methods of crafting exceptional model horse tack. And because of her years of effort, you can be sure that your model horses will be dressed to the absolute finest!

Just because Ride and Shine offers top-of-the-line model horse tack does not mean that it will be a burden on the budget. Andi set out to create a product that would be crafted with exceptional quality, and always made available at an affordable price.

People are spending up to $60 on their model horse, I don’t want them to have to pay an arm and a leg to put tack on them.” Andi says when she explains why she offers such an exceptional line of tack at affordable prices.

From hand-braided lead ropes, Arabian halters decorated with rhinestones, and gorgeous quilted blankets, Ride And Shine is sure to offer the perfect attire for your model horses.